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Digital Printing

Bringing your designs to life

digital prints

Often used for outdoor vinyl banners and event signage, in trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, events and even during store openings, the applications of digital printing are endless. Printing has a very significant role in the field of advertising. The very ABC of advertising starts with printing, whether it be printing of business cards, pamphlets, brochures, banners, or even rooftop signages.

Our printing machines are capable of printing on various materials like vinyl stickers, rollup banners, canvas, fabric and backlit display films even. We not only print the designs you provide but also do installations of the same, on site as required. Few of the examples are rooftop installations, road side banner installation, application of wall stickers and vehicle branding.

Kiosk Installation

Design your own mini store !!

Kiosk is a temporary stand-alone booth placed in high traffic areas like malls and shopping complex for marketing purposes .We manufacture kiosk displays that will meet your requirements and help you express your brand better. We allow you to walk through the entire process from design creation to installation and offer you the best of materials to define unique and functional kiosks.


Branding it bigger!!

If you have an upcoming exhibition, we can help you create concepts with our designers. Our in-house manufacturing, printing and execution team enables smooth execution to build your exhibition stall without hassles. Over the years, we have attended various tradeshows, events, conferences and helped in brand activation for our clientele.

Interior designing

Design your office space with passion!!

interior designing

In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital. Working in the same ambiance and environment setting can become monotonous as years go by. Contact our team to know how you can change your given office space to create positive vibes and favorable conditions for your employees to work in.

Personalized Gifts

Make an impression.

Its always special when someone gifts you right from the heart. Personalized gifts are not only the best way to express your love for someone but also adds an essence of your personal touch to it .

baby hands

Baby hands and feet casting kits – Cast your little one’s hands and feet in high detail before they get too big. (Follow us on fb @Impressions_oman and insta @impressions_oman for more details)


Family Casting kit – Make yourself a family sculpture , or maybe even gift our DIY kit to your loved ones . . (For more pictures Check out our fb page: Impressios_oman and insta handle impressions_oman)

Mdf home décor

Mdf home décor – 18mm mdf letter, cut out using cnc routers fixed on a base ,that is  painted to white matt finish .

Acrylic showpieces

Acrylic showpieces – Laser cut of the desired designs on high quality acrylic sheets creating the masterpieces you have in mind .

Illuminated acrylic pillars

Illuminated acrylic pillars –These are fabricated out of acrylic with led fitted inside that provides the pillar with an illuminated look .Attractive designs can be printed and pasted on top giving you the perfect isle pillar that would be ideal for weddings and other functions.